Prepare for the Unexpected

If your family lost, you – and your income – could they continue living the life you want for them? Your family is your top priority. While your financial needs, goals and dreams may change, making sure your loved ones are protected will always be important.

Three occurrences in particular need to be considered

~ job loss

~ sickness

~ premature death

A sound financial plan addresses how you would cope with any of these three.  It is not pleasant to think about any of these events happening, however, the alternative in much worse.

Many people don’t know what they don’t know.  Meaning, they think they know about their insurance products.  But upon closer review, the coverage and/or policies were not going to meet their needs.

If you have said: “That will never happen to me” or “There is plenty of time”, you are at risk!  Life changes daily and risks are everywhere. Use this calculator to help determine your life insurance need.  Or better yet, call us for a complimentary review.

Life and Disability Policy Reviews

For many, life and disability insurance assets are a crucial component to protecting their families and their overall estate plans.  There have been many changes in the insurance industry in recent years which may have had a negative impact on your policy. Thunder Bay Protection provides the opportunity for you to understand what you own and restore confidence when you pay your premiums.

Our complimentary review and analysis allows you and your professional advisors to understand your coverage, as well as, having the ability to make educated decisions on the policies you own.  In about 65% of our reviews, people find that they can increase benefits at their current funding level, while others are able to restructure existing policies to meet their current needs or expectations.

Other Areas of Expertise We Provide

~ Disability Income Protection

~ Long Term Care Strategies

~ Insurance for Children and Grandchildren

~ Coverage for Diabetics and other Diabetics and other health issues